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Our SUP courses ( Stand Up Paddle) are for all levels and ages from beginners and advance people to practise surfing. Let yourself go with nature while you enjoy playing sport. In SUP lessons we teach not only the technical and theoretical part but also care and toned body, knowledge of the enviroment , respect for nature and above all encourage  learning while you have fun.

BASIC Course Level 1


We show you all to start practicing SUP. From day one you will keep standing on the board. You will learn some techniques to control your own balance and you will become the best friend of the board. This module is for flat water and we should do it in the best possible conditions of sea and wind.



INTRODUCTORY Course  Level 2

At this level we show you different kind of spins, further refinement of paddling and learn to move around the board.

INTRODUCTORY  Course Level  3

At this level we teach you knowledge of waves, wind and tidal, synchronization paddling and start to get waves. This will be your level of initiation to surfing .


                 DON´T MISS OUT!

  • TARIFAS             1 DAY (2 HOURS) 30€                                                      

                                                                                                2 DAYS (4 HOURS) 50€

                                                                                                             3 DAYS (6 HOURS) 70€

                                                                                                         1 WEEK (10 HOURS) 100€



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